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AscentRemediation Corporation

About Us

More than just cleaning; We're problem solvers.

AscentRemediation Corp is an accredited flood and disaster recovery and remediation company based in New York, NY. We specialize in flood damage and remediation, mold removal and remediation, air quality testing, and disaster recovery.

The company’s founder, Lawrence Fanfair, immigrated to New York City from South America. He began, as so many do, by driving taxis. But he soon realized that, although the job was interesting, it wasn’t going to pay nearly enough to make ends meet. He knew he had the drive and desire to be an entrepreneur, to make something out of nothing. He created AscentCleaning Corporation, and after a successful launch and dedicated clients, he has branched out to better serve the community.

AscentRemediation Corp will get you back on your feet, so no disaster can stop your drive or desire.