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AscentRemediation Corporation

Mold Remediation

When you see mold, it’s definitely time to call the professionals. 

Our professionals at AscentRemediation Corp are skilled and trained for removing the affected areas and cleaning to make sure the mold doesn’t return. 


AscentRemediation Corp offers:

  • Mold testing–including air testing which other companies hire a third party to do.
  • Moisture sensing–using special equipment to find all mold near the initial site.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing–making sure all spores are gone and nothing remains.
  • Drying and restoring–providing special fans and dehumidifiers to fully dry the area before replacing damaged components.


There are thousands of types of mold, and it’s important to treat the mold immediately. Often times there’s water damage that’s untreated, and it will need to be fixed first, before our professionals can properly remove the mold and damage around it. We’ll clean and sanitize, dry, and restore the affected areas, plus we can test the air quality to make sure it’s safe to resume living there.